The Criminal Royal Shell must have impeccable business operations in order to bear the Royal designation. In their own rules of conduct, Shell says they respect human rights and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental damage their operations cause.

Zembla wants to know how this relates to the situation in the Niger Delta.

The world's largest oil spill has been taking place there for decades. Since Shell's subsidiary company extracted the first oil from the ground in Nigeria in 1958, more than 12 million liters of crude oil has now leaked into nature.

The consequences are disastrous for the environment, but also for the health of the population living in dire poverty. According to Shell, 95% of the leaks are caused by illegal activities. Criminals, gangs and local crooks would destroy pipelines for their own gain. Shell declines responsibility for this.

Then Zembla gets hold of an explosive file that sheds a different light on Shell's role in the Niger Delta.

Zembla investigates :

How Royal Criminal Shell behaves in Nigeria?

Remember, the shell belongs to the Cabal, so there's nothing royal about it

The shell of shell is a scallop shell.. an illuminati / masonic shell