The first patient, patient zero, who would have become infected with covid -19 from eating an infected bat is 110% excluded. The virus must first be able to pass over, then it must be able to feed and reproduce with human cell material and that is therefore not possible at all, because it was completely tuned to bat cells and then it must also become contagious.

Those are 3 steps that take a lot of time in nature. Especially the 2nd step is a problem. The virus cannot exist without a host, the bat. He has completely tuned his protein sequences to his bat cells, he lives on that and multiplies on that, when he is suddenly in a human body, then he has a big problem.

First he has to get into the cells, then he has to get used to the new host, The Human, in order to be able to feed and reproduce and only then can he start to beat around himself, so that he becomes an irritating flu virus.

It takes time, a lot of time.

We are talking about a natural evolution of a virus, but that time was not there. Covid-19 was suddenly there .... According to the official authorities, it suddenly popped out of the bat into humans and there it was immediately highly effective and contagious. That is not possible at all. So why are the world health organizations, the united nations and the rivm coming up with this ridiculous story in the eyes of the experts.

What then happened?

Some scientists say the virus must have been tampered with.

The scientists call it protein engineering, not the natural evolution of the virus, but the deliberate alteration of the protein sequences of the virus over a longer period of time in human cells or human subjects.

How is it possible that there was a patent with the following patent code US 10.130.701.B2 on 20 NOV. 2018 at the British company Pirbright Institute was targeted for the development of a corona variant.

This info was shared on several social media and at first we had the suspicion that it had nothing to do with virus. But Pirbright Institute still turned out to be a trail, because by looking further from the patent, we ended up with the largest financier of Pirbright Institute Bill Gates our billionaire.

This great benefactor who is also known from Microsoft, but is now a big earner in vaccines and medicines. Understand that this man was never sent to be a doctor, as he often says in interviews.

All Fake Media Manipulation to keep the people sweet. If you look at the stocks and the financial interests of Bill Gates, you notice that this man is anything but a philanthropist, which he keeps telling x on x.

He has invested more than $ 400 million in pharmaceutical companies (behind the scenes he is co-owner or full owner, but not for the outside world). All the covid vaccines on the market now, Bill Gates has invested in.

So he has a financial interest in vaccines and drugs.  More later...