How can a virus cause such a stir that someone has called a pandemic, while the corona viruses have been among people for more than 60 years. Let's go back to the end of 2017 at the beginning of 2018 when a very severe flu was prevalent ...

In the Netherlands, almost 9900 people died within 16 weeks and worldwide about 650,000 people with underlying complaints.

Then no one called pandemic.

Let's think logically for a moment. In 16 weeks, 650,000 people worldwide died from a severe flu, 90% of which with underlying complaints at the end of 2017/2018.

The corona virus started in China in mid December 2019. So it has now been going on for exactly 64 weeks worldwide. So we now go back to the end of 2017/2018. If this flu had been active for 64 weeks and we now think logically: 16 weeks x 4 = 64 weeks. 650,000 x 4 = 2,600,000 people who would have died from a severe flu, of which 90% with underlying complaints. Now I take those same weeks with the corona virus there. In 64 weeks time worldwide, 2,628,279 people have died, of which 90% with underlying complaints.

Do you see the difference, what I have described. So why declare a pandemic, when there is no pandemic at work. Why then create fear and panic among people worldwide.