The Vatican is the ultimate Rogue State

If you want to visit a bonafide rogue state, you don't have to travel far.

In the center of Europe lies a "country" that ticks all the boxes :

it is a pure theocracy, an absolute dictatorship and

the "government" does nothing but commit crimes,

cover up and justify.

I am of course talking about the Vatican City, the smallest independent state in the world.

.And one of the most criminal.

Actually, it is crazy to speak of a country.

The sovereignty of the city state was concocted in the late 1920s by Benito Mussolini and Pope Pius XI on the condition that the Pope would not interfere in the crimes of the fascist dictator.

Vatican City has no people, no one is born (except by accident), it has no army (except for a few Swiss mercenaries with medieval halberds) and hardly any territory (less than half a square kilometer).

.What it does have is a lot of money and even more power.

Sadly, the Vatican uses that money and power day after day, year after year, to protect and keep the most disgusting criminals out of prison.

You know what I'm talking about : .Pedophile Priests.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the responsibility for the pedophilia scandals within the Roman Catholic Church lies firmly within the walls of the Vatican.

The documentary Mea Maxima Culpa :

Silence in the House of God by filmmaker and Oscar winner Alex Gibney describes how,

time and again,

the decision to protect child rapists is made at the highest level within the church.

This is done in several ways : 

by paying hush money to victims,

by transferring clergy against whom complaints are piling up (often to parishes where children and parents are unaware of the priest's practices and thus can continue as normal),

by refusing to respond to complaints with serious internal investigation or by actively thwarting

the police and the judiciary.

In "Mea Maxima Culpa", angry and deeply frustrated clergy are speaking who time and again encounter the high walls of reluctance around the Vatican in their attempts to do something about the abuse by their colleagues.

.Rome looks the other way, refuses to listen,
places over and even promotes the culprits in pedophilia cases.

Like the Archbishop of Boston,

Bernhard Law,

who was awarded for covering up literally thousands of pedophilia complaints with a beautiful palace and management of one of the most

beautiful churches in Rome:

the Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore.

How high are the scandals in the Vatican?

To the absolute top.

When he was still called Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI was the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, perhaps known to you as the Inquisition.

In that position, Ratzinger was responsible for 20 years for the systematic secrecy of pedophilia scandals, the buying off of witnesses and the thwarting of investigations by the police and the judiciary.

In short, the current Pope was the man who made sure that thousands of child rapists were kept out of prison and were often able to continue their business for decades.

In this sense, his job was perhaps best compared to that of a mafia consigliere charged with overseeing omertà. And it doesn't stop with Ratzinger.

His popular predecessor John Paul II protected his close friend Marcial Maciel Degollado, the founder of the Legion of Christ for decades.

Through this organization, Maciel raised billions in donations for the Roman Catholic Church, but at the same time the Mexican priest was a ruthless predator, raping dozens of children.

This “holy man” (dixit John Paul II) also had two mistresses, with whom he fathered four children, several of whom he sexually abused.

Rumors about Maciel have been circulating since the 1970s,
also in the international press,
but the Pope refused to open an investigation against his friend and walking ATM.

In 1998 victims formalized charges against Maciel at the Vatican, but Prefect Ratzinger, under pressure from Karol Wojtyla (the real name of John Paul II) and Cardinal Angelo Sodano (then Secretary of State of the Holy See, say Prime Minister of Vatican City), caused the case to be covered up.

It wasn't until 2004 that evidence piled so high that Maciel opened an investigation.

That same year, Maciel stepped down as leader of the Legion of Christ and retired.

Cause for an apology to the victims,
let alone criminal prosecution,
John Paul II et al., of course, did not see.

The conclusion?

The Vatican's Top 3  Wojtyla, Ratzinger and Sodano worked actively to protect child rapists for decades and were directlyk for the abuse of many (ten-? hundred-?) thousands of children around the world.

Is it still necessary to designate a country as a rogue state?

The Netherlands maintains good (albeit not "close" if we are to believe the website of the National Government) diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

As long as the Holy See refuses to cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of pedophiles and does nothing to change the culture of sexual violence, coverup and omertà,

this relationship will be a slap in the face of the victims.
Also and certainly for the hundreds,
perhaps thousands of children abused by Catholic clergy in our country.

.Forget Iran & Forget North Korea.

In the middle of the European Union lies the ultimate rogue state.

You can visit it without a passport.


We at Oraculum thought it was important to share this with you.

And of course the Fake News Media doesn't talk about this.

Mea Maxima Culpa : Silence in the House of God is a 2012 documentary film directed by Alex Gibney. The film details the first known protest against clerical sex abuse in the United States by four deaf men.

Very compelling, but also a very sad story