Children are traded all over the world mainly by air, water and ground transportation.

Southern Israel shares its western land border with Egypt's Sinai desert, with only 284 km distance between Jerusalem and the Egyptian port of Said, with the plane only 20 minutes apart.

With northern Saudi Arabia also about the same short distance from Suez, the southernmost point of Egypt's famous canal, this pivotal nearby waterway acts as a main artery from the belly of the beast's child sex trafficking portal to the rest of the world. 

Port Said is the Mediterranean city that serves as the northern end of the 120 mile Suez Canal, the waterway that is the absolutely essential seaway responsible for up to 15% of the world's total cargo and virtually all maritime trade between the continents of Asia and Europe.

The Middle East oil is not only shipped via the Suez Canal to Europe, Asia and all other points, but in Belly of the Beast I described that children are also shipped to and from all other points, usually by sea in sealed steel containers in the immense cargo ships that are a quarter of a mile long today.

From March 23 to March 29, 2021, a 400 meter (about 1,300 feet long) cargo ship weighing 200,000 tons called the Ever Given was operated by the Evergreen shipping company while en route from China to Rotterdam, Holland (both infamous child sex slave traders) and eventually Baltimore, ran aground near the southern gateway to the Suez Canal, creating a massive bottleneck of assisted shipping traffic for six consecutive days, with at least 437 ships stranded at both ends and packed in the clogged canal.

Since 1985,

Rotterdam and Baltimore have been twin cities on the same route for child sex trafficking ...
very strange.

Five days after the Ever Given was refloated on March 29, more than 100 freighters were still waiting for their turn to enter the channel from the south on their way to the Mediterranean.

Both on the north side of Port Said in the Mediterranean and on the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea on the south side, traffic congestion had accumulated, creating the worst traffic jam in history.

Losing more than $ 10 billion a day, $ 400..500 million an hour over the course of nearly a whole week as massive lost revenue for the global shipping industry.

Because it is so drenched in illegal contraband such as drugs and humans,
maybe that's not so bad.

More than 90% of all global retail trade is legally transported in metal containers aboard these giant cargo ships, with 15% of all global trade passing through this major Suez intercontinental passage.

The company in charge of the operation and crew of the Ever Given (Bernhard Schulte Ship Management) revealed that as many as 14 tugs were deployed to push and tow the aground vessel, while several dredgers were up for several days.

Removed 2,000 cubic meters of sludge per hour from the stuck bow of the ship.
A large metal container of up to 20,000 capacity on board can easily weigh up to 40 tons each, even without load.

In 2020, 18,840 ships successfully sailed through the Suez Canal without incident.

And since the opening of the canal in 1869, in all that time, only three other cargo ships have run aground in the same way.

For the record ..

The largest sponsor of the Seuzkanaal was the Fam. Rothschild

After initial reports specified that `` official sources '' claimed it was due to `` engine failure, '' MSM's USA Today attempted to establish the official early story through the excuse of Ever Given's operational crew blaming gusts of wind for it, blowing the container ship off course, despite being one of the largest and heaviest seagoing cargo ships in the world:

The Panamanian flagged Japanese-owned Taiwanese vessel was caught in high winds and a sandstorm while navigating a narrow section of the canal on March 23.
The 1,300-foot 220,000-ton ship turned and the bow went aground on the east bank of the canal.

The stern on the west bank.

But the wind factor was wrong media information to cover up what really happened.

The consensus of local villagers in Manshiyat Rugola strongly suggests that other ships in the same convoy navigated without disaster through the same wind conditions as thousands of ships previously dealing with much more severe storms.

Captain Paul Foran a maritime advisor and veteran of salvage operations,
rightly wondered:  why was it the only one who went aground?

Laymen and experts alike did not buy the hot air excuse that the largest, heaviest ship in the entire convoy was mysteriously blown off course by a moderate gust of wind.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority that oversees the operation of the canal, officially debunked the fake wind explanation,
explicitly stated on March 27, 2021:

Strong wind and weather factors were not the main reasons for the ship running aground.
Technical or human errors may have occurred.

Still, the impostors among the crew and officials of Evergreen's alleged smuggling division held on to the lie that the wind was to blame.

I wondered why only the guilty felt compelled to be deceitful.

That's what the culprits do in every pedo scandal: LY, LY AND LY

On Monday afternoon, March 29, 2021, after six days trapped in the muddy sandbar, the gigantic container ship was freed, but sailed alone to Great Bitter Lake,
where it would undergo inspections.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi had ordered some of the containers to be removed from the ship.

Sayed Sheasha, an adviser to the Suez Canal Authority, said an investigation began on March 31 to determine whether the ship's captain responded to the Suez Canal Authority's instructions before the ship ran aground:

We asked for the ship's data, because the black box contains all the information from the beginning of the crisis to the end.

But General Rabie announced opposition to initial demands asking the Ever Given captain to hand over the ship's black box and accompanying documents.

Until the investigation is completed and $ 1 billion is forfeited by both the freighter's owner and the vessel's operator in compensation to Egypt, the ship will not go anywhere, according to the April 8 Wall Street Journal.

Via tracking data from vesselfinder.com, the Ever Given is still idle in Great Bitter Lake and the fate of its 25-strong Indian crew has yet to be determined.

But Evergreen, which operates the Ever Given, has stated it is not responsible for any cargo delays.

On April 1, 2021, Luster Maritime and Higaki Sangyo Kaisha, the two Japanese companies that own the giant 2018 Japanese container ship, filed a lawsuit against the company that leases the Ever Given.

Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp.

Opening the containers led to a very degrading discovery of more than
thousands dead as living children.

Children who had not had anything to eat or drink for days were chained like animals.

Fake News Mainstream Media will of course never report this.

But a number of alternative news sites began to present a series of eerie anomalies that strongly suggested that the Evergreen shipping was deliberately set up to be caught red-handed in the Suez Canal, transporting children and nuclear weapons between the thousands of shipping containers six stories deep.

If there was nothing about the allegation that the grounded container ship had been caught sexually trafficking children, why would such MSM flag bearers like Newsweek make so much fuss a day after grounding and desperately try Q and the whole pedo Expose and demonize Cabal story. Newsweek:

Some supporters of the radical Q movement suggest that the 400-meter Ever Given currently detained in Egypt is being used to abuse children on behalf of the pedophile Cabal they believe runs the US. Others claim that the children held on the ship are revealed to the world live on camera and justify their beliefs.

When they weren't, Cabal-controlled MSM smiled quickly, saying so many words, "You see, I told you, all those conspiracy noses were wrong again," not unlike the so-called "exposing" of Pizzagate.

.which turned out to be real.

Q are top patriots generals known as The White Hats, who fight behind the scenes against the Deep State and the Cabal, by relaying snippets of information to the people what is about to happen through Q Tips. QAnon is the people.

They have also asked President Trump to run for election to the White House.

Vice President Pence works for the Deep State

Unfortunately, the 3 Nov. 2020 got stolen,
but President Trump and The White Hats are still working against evil.

What many don't know is that JFK JR and Donald Trump were best friends.

In the Oval Office of the

White House President Trump had the office of JFK.

Nothing just happens in life, everything has a reason.

Oraculum by Valentino V.

You will not see it until you understand it.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

From a March 30th International Business Times article:

The incident has now sparked a wild conspiracy theory that claims people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are involved in a human trafficking operation.

Fact: The first attempt at an 'official narrative', that high winds blew the ship off course, was overtaken by a growing consensus that 'human or technical errors' may have been the main cause.

Fact: The ship's captain did not cooperate with the investigative authorities.

Fact: Doubtful official debunkers like politifact.com and Snopes along with Newsweek, USA

Today and IBT all reflexively jumped on the anti-QAnon movement to ridicule and discredit claims of a ban on sex trafficking by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) without providing any evidence.

This information that is said to have emerged on the once-given charge from a listing of copied and pasted alt news sites and social media that, if true, provides a compelling amount of circumstantial evidence (immediately pooped out by corporate media fake news), in support of the final conclusion that the Evergreen Marine Corporation, the carrier that leases and operates the Ever Given freighter, is part of the Cabal's global fleet of Evergreen container ships that serve as major suppliers of trafficked sex children.

According to JOC.com:

Evergreen Line operates the fourth largest container fleet in the world with more than 190 ships with a capacity of approximately 850,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit).

According to source code sources, in the past few weeks, the Ever Given was reportedly arrested for transporting a shipload of child sex slaves.
Inhumanly locked up in the sealed metal containers and chained up.


1,366 children found dead and another 1,267 children barely alive were rescued by US Special Ops Navy Seals under horrific conditions.

The following week, more tortured and maltreated children were discovered in 29 other container ships intercepted in the seuz channel.

The US Special Ops Navy Seals also found chemicals to trigger climate change that would destroy all mammels on Earth.

Unconfirmed reports allege that with Egypt's agreement and secret cooperation from the US Special Operations Commando Units of Special Ops, US Navy Seals were deployed to remotely hack and control the Ever Given's computer system to deliberately leave the bow of the ship. jamming in the eastern sandbar of the canal.

5.8 km from Suez's south entrance, immediately highlighting the global media spotlight that would require a thorough, methodical inspection of the ship's full load in more than 18,000 containers. 

Content :

trafficked children and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
The purpose of this White Hat ban was twofold:

Preventing nuclear detonations in the Middle East that were intended to


to ignite war against Iran and show irrefutable documented evidence that the direct link between Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, the Zionist Satanic Cabal and its global child trafficking was revealed on the highest visible world stage.

During the week-long Suez clog that secured hundreds of ships in and around the canal, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower's aircraft carrier and destroyers returned to the Middle East near the entrance to the Suez Canal in the Red Sea.

While from the Mediterranean, the Russian Navy appeared on the north side of the canal in Port Said, reportedly operating jointly to close a gap in the global trade in child sex slaves.

With their display of power, the US and Russian navies passed through the reopened channel on April 3 and will remain in the Middle East.

President Putin fights just like President Trump

and the White Hats against evil Cabal.

Now Russia is on the border of the Ukraine,
because this is a counterattack by the


Commissioned by the Cabal in retaliation at the Suez Canal.

Remember that the Cabal owns all the media in the world,

so you already feel it coming.

All media say it is up to Russia.

No, it is not the fault of Russia.

But the Fake News Media wants you to believe that.

President Putin, President Trump and the White Hats are Strategists.

They act on Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Keep your friends close to you, but your enemies even closer.

Apart from the Evergreen thema is ex puppet president Obama's communications director and state department spokesman and impostor Puppet President Biden's current press secretary, Jen Psaki, also the founder of Evergreen Consulting LLC in Washington DC.

While ex puppet President Bill Clinton 's husband sat in the White House,
was the secret service code name of ex puppet first lady Hillary Clinton Evergreen.

The call sign of the aground ship Ever Given is H3RC,
with Hillary Rodham Clinton's full initials HRC.

I have already described the well-known ties between the Clintons, their 'pay to play' foundation, Haiti, the convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby, the convicted pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein, the soon-convicted Ghislaine Maxwell, Lolita Express, Pizzagate and child sex trafficking in Belly of The Beast.

It has also been observed that among the tugs dispatched to assist in the rafts, MOSAED and BARAKA1 are overly transparent references to the MOSSAD and OBAMA, also both strongly linked to all of the aforementioned pedophile Cabal.

Could this all be by some strange inexplicable coincidence
I think rather by evil black forces

Perhaps the strangest and most telling deviation, just before the Ever Given entered the Suez Canal while it was still in the Red Sea, according to vesselfinder.com, the Ever Given "charted a course that looked suspiciously like a huge penis."

A spokesperson for the maritime website hinted that the ship's data was accurate and added definitively:

There is no room for some sort of conspiracy or false data
It is neither accidental nor purely coincidental that a vessel plotted the navigational route of penis with balls with a fat butt to indicate the graphic SO S sodomy alarm and an hour or two later, once in the canal,
the big penis maker in the water suddenly hangs sideways, clogging one of the world's most traveled global trade waterways, again is no accident.   

Well we from the team saw it live and watched it in amazement and once we saw what it was we laughed hard. We've taken a screenshot of it and we'll post it for you at the bottom of the story.

.Das make another statement to the Cabal.

But action is reaction.  Just look what is happening with Russia again now,

because they have joined forces with the US Navy to fight against Evil. The extraordinarily bizarre movements of this ship clearly indicate, no doubt, actions that would never be voluntarily undertaken by a ship under normal circumstances.

The Ever Given's move on that fateful Tuesday morning of March 23, 2021 was decidedly involuntary, controlled by an outside source outside the ship, most certainly by a special alliance of US Special Ops Navy Seals, US Marines and Army Corp of Engineers.

Years ago, the same thing happened when DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed hacking mechanisms to control moving vehicles remotely, the same D.O.D. (Department of Defense) investigation resulted in the US military capacity to take over the control functions of a ship.

US Military Intelligence had been tracking the movements of the Evergreen fleet of container ships for some time, aware of their diabolical purpose,
by serving children on a cannibalistic dish for the satanic pedo elite
A few weeks earlier, the Europe to Asia connection to China had traded babies and children for harvesting Adrenochrome, while on the return trip, teenagers and young adults were loaded as sex slaves.

Adrenochrome See what you should know in this world
On one of the narrowest sections along the canal within the first hour of having previously given up control completing the Penis with Balls tour in the Gulf of Suez,
the Ever Given crew reappeared on track, again believing they were back in full control.

But at a strategic moment and in a strategic place, the Navy hackers plunged the ship's bow into the canal bank at full speed.

Trafficking in drugs, illegal weapons, human organs, adrenochrome and unfortunate child and adult slaves, mostly by global ocean freight carriers, as highly valued black market goods are routinely used and abused around the world, quietly under the radar without proper design inspection, illegally raising trillions annually for the international crime Cabal.

With this, the predatory, adreno-line, pedo elite continues to age, to hunger and crave only more insatiable power and control.

This Suez Incident represents a huge milestone in the systematic destruction of the Deep State pedo cartel.
Now that the world has watched the ship floundering for a week,

the global public places a connected point closer to realizing that the growing scourge of the child sex trade is tragically real.

And that it was absolutely the reason the mainstream press came up so quickly and reactively with the possibility that Hillary and his company would be at it again.

The beforeitsnews.com website was not kidding when it claimed:

In fact, Evergreen Corporation's Japanese Taiwanese ship was co-owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation.
Known for its international child trafficking
The kids could be ordered from magazines like Wayfair,
by pedophiles who paid a lot of money for certain abused children.

Cabinets from $ 11,000. .With content. Too sick for words.

Under predictive programming, so notoriously common in "The Simpsons," an episode of the television series "Dexter" from 15 years ago shows the serial killer whose pastime seeks revenge to defeat other serial killers and relive an earlier déjà vu experience.

The Simpsons have already predicted a lot.

You would almost wonder if the maker can time travel.

A former victim of human trafficking at about age 5, Dexter is seen the adult breaking into a cargo terminal, where, while standing in front of an Evergreen container, he triggers a flashback to when he was rescued as a boy from an infamous Evergreen container by a cop.

We wanted you to put the video in question here, but everything will now be deleted,
as soon as they notice it is a connection to the Cabal.

ad that so many years later even more children are regularly kidnapped, held hostage in the bowels of Evergreen shipping ships and to this day are still trafficked and abused around the world in unprecedented record numbers like never before.

Therefore, this last Evergreen Reincarnation in Egypt and
the entire planet will be wiped out once and for all from the Cabal
Predictive forecast by Q exactly three years to the day before Evergreen clogs the channel, on March 23, 2018, Q let “Define EVERGREEN. When do you call a plumber? "

Answer three years later, when the Evergreen ship blocks the channel, it's time to call US Special Ops Navy Seals as plumbers to clean up the Deep State's cesspool that is rotting the whole world.

All three Evergreen cargo vehicles, a large overland truck, an airplane through the air and a large ship over the sea all crash at the same time.

Impossible chance of three non-fatal accidents destroying Evergreen's global smuggling operation by opening wide every available mode,
all at once for the whole world to see.

Thank you White Hat's alliance troops for saving the kids and for our optimism that the good guys are really winning.

It lifts our spirits to know that it is the true power of all of us to unite and do our active part in eradicating the disease of child sexual abuse in the world.

When they picked up Epstein in 2019, Jack Tapper of CNN (Cabal) said in a scripted description on TV in America,
this all gets so much worse Evergreen, time is running out for the bad guys.

And that's why our team thinks it's important that you know the real story.

Valentino is writing this story to you

had to stop several times because he was overcome by Grief

Valentino said to us but also to you:

It Tears Your Inner Soul As A Human Being.

My Heart Cries.

And now we see you thinking and wondering,
then why can't someone else write it.

That's because as a team we think Valentino is the best writer.

Purely because he writes it as formulated and clear as possible for you.

You have to understand that Valentino is getting pieces from our investigative reporters.

Then he will read everything first, then he will mark what is important to him and only then will he put those pieces together to write a story so that you understand it with reading.

So to write this story, Valentino will quickly spend 2 days reading and writing.

Our team has been friends for a very long time,

even though we live all over the world,

but share the same thoughts and principles.

That's also the reasons that we started this website.

We were completely, but completely done with it,

that we have been played by the media all our lives

It was time to start sharing the TRUTH with our fellow humans in the world.

What actually takes place behind the scenes by the very rich in the world.

We have now discovered so much what goes on behind the internet, so deeply hidden that it is often too inhuman to describe it here.

So our special thanks go to VALENTINO for writing this story