In The Hague in the tower of our so-called representative Rutte, Baphomet hangs on the wall, which he received from his so-called predecessor Balkenende.

 Baphomet is also called Satan 

Baphomet has a horned ram's head with a skull and his feet look like a goat's hooves. Half Human, Half Animal. If you look up the photo, there are normally 2 small children to the left and right of him looking up at him, but the point is the following. Take a good look at his right hand, in front of your left when you look at the picture. He swears with his thumb pushed forward and holds the index and middle fingers, which are upright, and the ring and little fingers are bent down. See photo bottom left

What one of our team members has noticed is that Rutte, De Jonge, Grapperhouse and Prins Willempie also swear that way and then say with the words: So truly help me, God Almighty. They say so, but in their minds they swear on Satan

It's all for show

They all worship Satanism because they have sold their souls to the Illuminati and must listen to their Master.

Do not forget that the VVD, CDA and D'66 are no longer there for the people. These elitist elite are only there for themselves.

All they have to do is show the signs what connects them to Satanism. But if you want to get out and talk about it, you will pay for it with death. But we'll get to that later.

And trust us when we say, all government leaders worldwide are doing it, because they are all free masons. They all swear on Satan. 

So a vote for the VVD, CDA and D'66 is a vote for Satan

And as long as this elitist elite stays in The Hague, they only want 1 thing from us..

You will obey Slave 

- V -