.They've organized it from the beginning.

If nobody paid attention to the lying mainstream media, how many people would even be aware of that different has occurred in society?
it's a bullshit story from the mainstream media and it's always has been from day one, to make people afraid, so more freedoms can be taken away. You just don't hear about it in the mainstream media because they're paid liars. And if their masters don't tell them to cover something, it's forbidden and it doesn't get talked about.
The most dangerous habits in the world today, their ideological habits, unexamined ways of thinking about reality. This is exactly the case. People have uninformed opinions and aren't concerried with determining truth through the truth, discovering methodology known as the trivium, wich is the true scientific methodology and the true liberal arts education methodology. Most people don't give a damn about that. They don't know how it works and they certainly aren't employing it, they certainly aren't using it to discover true facts. They have a completely unexamined way of thinking about reality. And that way of thinking about reality is given to them by social engineers and their paid lying pets, called the mainstream media. So that's the truth about what's going on in the world. The most dangerous habits going on this society is uninformed ways to thinking and this is what it is, all about distraction from ladies and gentlemen. And ultimately, it's about distraction from understanding of natural law, the understanding of the dark occult and how it rules society, through mind control.

These people are proud of what they're involved in, they're laughing about it. And you'll see what's going to happen, it's already started happening. So these people know what they're doing. They know how to cover it up. They have the media at their disposal, financial institutions at their disposal and they own the police and military. That's how the cult rolls and you ain't in the big cult. And all the people who think just because you're being given the marching orders of the big cult, you're not insided with them. See, So many people out there have an incomplete picture. They don't know how it all fits together, folks. Don't stop with a halfway picture of understanding of our current world and our current human condition. It's a very orchestrated, very organized abduction for the purpose of the high level rituals and highest levels of goverment, highest levels of institutions of power throughout the world. And a lot of people who you think are on the good team might be in that cult and on the bad team. We have to put the truth in principles first in our lives. So we have to care enough to go deeply into information and knowledge and learn what's true, then the order is truth, love and freedom.

We know the truth. So we care enough to act the right way and create a society that is based in freedom. So you can really say it's care, truth, love, freedom, you know, love would just be the Agapè form of love, is love for truth and love for all. You know, it's cosmic love. It's not even brotherly love. It goes beyond that. It's love for the truth that comes first, then it's truth, are for our whole human situation. And then creating freedom through our actions, through our behaviors, wich is what wisdom truly is. So it would be like care, truth, understanding, that's the love part coming to an understanding of what it means for all and then wisdom is right action. So it's the trivium that has to be underlaid by cosmic care, by all cosmic care. That's the thing that holds the whole seed of life together, what you can do to sentient beings. All rights are behaviors that you as a sentient being, as a sentient being that is capable of understanding this difference between right behavior en wrong behavior. You do not apply natural law to the animal kingdom, because they are beings that do not have a developed enough brain to ponder, conceptualise and perceive natural law, meaning, the moral laws of creation and what objective morality acually is.

Animals who will go along with instinctive stimulus response mechanisms and lower order instincts are not bound and held to the same moral law, consequence of higher order, higher thinking and higher brain function beings such as human beings who have the capacity for the understanding of objective morality, that's called true holostic intelligence, wich is made possible by our higer order of functioning brain, specifically the part of the brain known as the human complex or human neocortex of our brain. So that's why we the people understand the moral principle. Don't put out falseness into the world or deception into the world, it's that simple. While you could say, objective absolute truth still exist in nature and tha can never be destroyed. Actually we use that term by ourself, truth can never be destroyed, right? But you can dissuade someone from looking into it. Or you can stop someone from looking at it, because they believed what you said is not true, that's a lie.

The reason that the controller's only engage in speech, many of them will simply engage in telling people a worldview and then saying. You go out and do this behavior. Lying is still an action, you have to modulate your vocal cords and move your lips to produce the mouth noises to do it. So is it a behavior, it is still a behavior, it is not a subjective construct. You are doing that with your vocal cords, with your lungs, with your air capacity, muscles surrounding your lungs and diaphragm. You are taking an action when you speak. All they do is put out a worldview for other people to latch on to. And that is how they attempt to insulate themselves as much as possible from karmic debt. From accuring karmic debt. It does not mean that they will not because it's still a behavior. How could you lie about something truly important and bring about something good instead of something bad? The whole idea of truth discovery is geting to that which is correct, because that which is corect is synonymous with that which is moral. Anything that is false and wrong, is going to lead to behavior which is also false and morally wrong. You cannot seperate correctness from true morality either. That wich is correct will lead yoy to that which is true. So lying will always eventually lead you to that which is false and therefore, eventually will lead you down the path of immorality and moral weongful behavior and immorral wrongful behavior.

How many people in the world have courageously put the word out there publicly with their real name on it? Probably less than 1%. It's not good enough. We should be doing wat better and way more at this time period and not leaving it to so called experts. We should be drowned out at this point in a sea of choirs of voices teaching the laws of nature. Turn off the lying fearmongering state controlled media, it is an affront to self respect. Stop believing that others the right to command. There is no such right. There is so much moral right. THe people who are stepping up, the people who are saying no, we are not going to have this, we are going to go back to our lives, we are not going to take government mandades, we are not going to take government commands, because you don't have the right to command us. Stepping into the kind of courage creates the Universe's protection. So we stepping in the real protection what is going to come in the form of the courage to teach natural law. We have to talk about an even much higher, much higher level of protection. If we all excercise courage for the right things and we teach the right things, then we teach nataural law, mighty forces of creation will come to us to assist and aid in ur life, in all of our endeavours. And that is where our protection comes from. We have to say the last word which is  NO  and we need to fall in love with it in this fight of humanity.

This is the last word; we have to say NO to worldwide authoritarianism. We have to say NO to worldwide violence. We have to say NO to worldwide Child Trafficking. We have to say NO to worldwide external control. No one has the right to externally control or command us. We say NO. We need to fall in love with that word in this fight of humanity. That is a universal vibration energy of courage and protection, the word is NO. We say NO. They do not own us. WE say NO. NO, they have not the right to command us and others in this world, no one does. We say NO. Trough the knowledge of natural law; a truly awakened human being is finally able to speak the last word which is NO. NO is the word of all the POWER and only when we say NO to those who would claim to be our owners, do we stop externalizing our POWER and in doing so reclaim all of our natural universal rights! Then when we look at the word NO, you realize it's just another form of the word ON. It's just on flipped upside down. When we say the last word NO to those who consider themselves our authority, we are truly embracing and turning on the light inside. Each and everyone of us in this world. So we say NO to them.