What kind of (sick) world have I ended up in?

As a final year student who wanted to graduate with full courage in the 'Bachelor of Nursing' course, I am losing my grip on society. My critical thinking, which was partly shaped by my life and partly by the training, is coming under pressure.

The free opinion I expressed was recently seen as "conspiracy thinking." By being questionable about the vaccine, people like me are called "murderers" by 'Het Nieuwsblad'. In the training I started using "Evidence Based Practice". I compare different articles to arrive at my valid opinion. I note that the measures, in my opinion, are taking on proportions that threaten our freedom more than they combat Covid 19. The systematic tightening of the thumbscrews to introduce dictatorial measures to deprive me of liberty and restrict freedom of choice is a matter of great concern to me.
I hear from several fellow students that they are threatened not to participate in the internship if they do not want a vaccine. A vaccine that only protects you. A vaccine that is in the third test phase. A vaccine that does not completely prevent the transmission of Covid.

I have questions about this approach.
Is that still allowed?
Have questions?

May I be concerned about the rollout of a dictatorship? May I be concerned about our society drifting into a division between two camps? The vaccinees versus the non-vaccinated. How is it possible that vaccinated people would have more rights than the unvaccinated? What kind of "totalitarian thinking" have we entered as a society? Everywhere I hear and see the propaganda of vaccination. I feel insecurity everywhere. How is it possible that so much advertising has to be made to convince people? That cannot be denied.

The slogan on the vaccination centers - “Here we regain our freedom” - has nothing to do with health. There is not enough investment in health. I do not understand it anymore. McDonald's restaurants are open, but gyms remain closed. Every fiber in my body resists these absurd measures. That is not just like that, is it? It feels like this virus was hijacked for other purposes. World leaders who are (surprisingly) informed by "virologists" and "veterinarians," all spouting the same narrative. I hardly hear a critical present and when I hear it, they are dismissed by the mainstream media as "quacks" and "conspiracy thinkers". Are those doctors, lawyers, immunologists, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists, microbiologists, etc. all quacks? How did they ever get their diploma? Do they no longer have a voice? How long does the vaccine protect? 2,3,4 months? Is society going to hang on a vaccine drip to keep freedom alive?

And then that vaccination passport :

how unethical is that?

Does privacy legislation no longer exist? Shouldn't our medical data remain protected? Everything I am experiencing now is at odds with what I have learned during the 4 years of training. It goes against everything I took to be truth. Right of self-determination? Informed consent to participate in a medical experiment? Deprivation of liberty through an ILLEGAL passport that violates every constitution? And then quickly push a PANDEMIA LAW through so that it can become the "new normal"?

I thought that we as a society did everything in our power not to discriminate. And what appears now? That we are more polarized than ever before. This reminds me of Roman emperors who used the "Divide and Conquer" tactic. How crazy has our society gone? Do we really not see that our feet are being played with? Who earns the most from this?




And what about Klaus Schwab talking about The Great Reset from the world economic forum with their slogan "You will own nothing and You will be happy? Where is the critical debate in this situation? I have many questions. I don't want to be a guinea pig for a vaccine that we don't know the outcome of. What if this goes completely wrong? Do we think about that enough? Why is it only listened to scientists who impose the vaccine?

If the vaccine becomes mandatory in the healthcare system, I will feel compelled to drop out of my studies. This in my last year Bachelor of Nursing. I do not want to participate in a system that makes freedom, in my view the highest good, dependent on health. People and animals just get sick. Anyone who is sick stays at home. Point. Anyone who is too ill will be admitted to hospital. If there are enough beds, that is. Why have they not invested in it? Why didn't people support our existing health systems when they asked for it (loud and clear)?

An IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) of 0.23% does not justify the impact on the deprivation of liberty. The mainstream media scares healthy people. People have been living in fear for a year now. Afraid of getting sick. Afraid of losing a loved one. Afraid of losing freedoms. That's how it was talked to us, around the clock, every day.

It is this people, living in constant fear and uncertainty, who approve of these absurd measures because they have been misled by the mainstream media and by scientists with financial interests. I do not have the choice to decide whether to pay for the vaccine. The government does that in my place. All that tax money only goes in one direction: towards the custodial vaccine. And from there straight into the pockets of the supreme pharmaceutical giants, who are exempt from prosecution.

Let the latter now be my ethical question ...

Who gets better in this situation?

We the people?

Or our new health dictatorship leaders?

I disagree.

I want to be free, as I was before this Covid crisis. I know many of us want the same. I want to be able to promote patients' health. I no longer want to endanger their health because of the risk of a disease that affects less than 2% of the population.
I don't see the logic of this. Do you? Or am I the only one?

(A concerned Nurse in training)