Dr. Anthony Fauci is the son of child trafficker

Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa was a child trafficker for Jeffrey Epstein.

We all know the name Mother Teresa. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her so-called humanitarian work and founded the Missionaries of Charity.

While on her world tour, she collected millions (reportedly billions) of dollars from the wealthy as they believed she would be able to help the poor and suffering in India. Many people would believe that India would be eternally grateful to her.

.what were they wrong.

But what did she really do with all that money?

It was certainly not used to improve the circumstances of the suffering. Mother Teresa was not a living saint and, in fact, was somewhat morally corrupt with much evidence.

Mother Teresa's money was mainly used to fund pedophilia and rape of children and not the poor. She built 100 facilities all over the world with her name and organization "Missionaries of Charity" at each location.

Most of them were nunneries and children's homes run by papists.
Where millions of children were abused every day,
beaten and forced into sodomy.

Many of these children were brainwashed and conditioned into cult-like thoughts to make them act like them. This is how her "cult of suffering" was born.

Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church canonized Mother Teresa after her death?

Turns out she was a child trafficker, selling babies and selling between $ 50 and 100 million a year to the Vatican . See 666 exposed

Mother Teresa connections include Baby Doc Duvalier, the dictator of Haïtain, and saving and loan criminal Charles Keating and Robert Maxwell, the father of Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

.And here's the kicker.

Mother Teresa opened the D.C. based Home for Infant Children with none other than

.Hillary Clinton.

This kind of orphanage was quietly closed in 2012.

And so they all fall off their pedestal.

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