We have consulted with our investigative journalists to take a different look at the disappearances of the planes MH17 & MH370. We at Oraculum do this out of RESPECT for the relatives of both aircraft. Our investigative journalists came to the following 2 conclusions/theories. I've been thinking about how to put this as easily as possible for 4 hours, while writing normally comes easily to me, then you understand, that we are shocked by the information we have seen. As we have described several times on our site, dark forces are working behind the scenes to rob humanity of their freedoms and want to wipe them out by 95% worldwide. We are talking about the 1% elite. These dark forces worship a False God named Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet, better known as the Devil. And human life like YOU and ME means nothing to them. The less we are in the world the better. We can say to you that 90% of these dark forces are also involved.

Occupants of MH17 :

MH17 is said to have contained 100 AIDS scientists on their way to a conference in Australia. Not only did they have a cure, but could also prove that the US, AIDS (Rockefellers, 1%) had designed for the population of the people worldwide.

Occupants MH370 :

There were 20 scientists in the MH370, 4 of whom were patent holders of a semiconductor chip for the military complex. Rothschild was the fifth patent holder and now he is the sole patent holder, after the death of the other four patent holders. It made him billions. Rothschild is now sole patent holder of the semiconductor chip for the military complex. And that is where the problem lies. The Rothschilds control all the central and capital banks in the world except for a few countries.

The scenario of flight MH17 may have gone as follows, according to our investigative reporters

Script 1 :

Not MH17 but MH370 was shot down or crashed in Ukraine. At the time, after it disappeared from radar, MH370 was observed flying low over the water and landed on a secret base on Diego Garcia (CIA).From there flown to Tel Aviv, then destination Schiphol Amsterdam, where EL AL(Mossad) have their own hangar, which no one has access to. And there made the switch with the MH17.

Script 2 :

Aircraft MH17 has taxied off to a hangar of EL AL where the passengers have been liquidated. The MH370 took off in the place of the MH17 with bodies soaked in formalin (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction) and brought down at the agreed place. MH370 was sighted (before disappearing) flying low in the direction of CIA base Diego Garcia where there is a hangar that functions as a Faraday Cage. There the passengers were liquidated, organs harvested and treated with formalin. Later flew to Tel Aviv and from there to Schiphol and parked in the Israeli EL Al hangar. These hangars are seen as Israeli territory and are therefore prohibited area for unauthorized persons !! Brand new, undamaged passports were conjured from a Ukrainian vehicle, some of which had even been invalidated.

Who can board a plane with an invalid passport?

Only winter clothes were found in the luggage, while the MH17 was en route to a sweltering Australia. Phones that were found contained photos and data from 2013. Almost nothing from 2014. Witnesses who arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the disaster found corpses of mainly Asian descent in an advanced state of decomposition. They were drenched in preservative and did not bleed. Only 9 children were found, while the MH17 would have been half full with children. It appears that the missing MH370 and its dead passengers were used, in a Hoax operation to demonize Russia.

President Putin paid off the Rothschild Bank in Russia in 2016


kicked them out the back door.

He said NO to the NWO = NEW WORLD ORDER

This was yet another Rothschild's retaliation against Russia.



With all due respect to the victims and relatives of both aircraft...

MH17 may be a multi-target mega-scam :

Patents for the Rothschilds, to provoke a war with the Russians, as well as to fabricate an excuse for a war against the citizens of Eastern Ukraine! And then of course the oil and gas extraction at that location!

It is a game of blood sacrifice, manipulation, manipulation of opinions, imposing vision etc. Stay open minded and look for the symbolism in things, there is no need for speculation, but insight and understanding of energies, symbols and numberology.

You need to understand what Illuminati, Freemasonry, Templars, Bankers etc

are doing and why! It's not nothing to understand it all...

Let alone accept the truth...