The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum

99% of the population does not know who he is.

He is systematically concealed in the media and training courses. Remarkable, but conscious, because this man has more influence than any king or emperor ever had in this world. And that power does not want public attention. Working from behind the scenes and letting politicians do the work is much more effective.

Politicians admire Klaus Schwab (Rockefeller-Rothschild) and are impressed by his power and influence, they carry out assignments for him. That is cowardly and underhanded and also very dangerous, because as a citizen you do not know exactly what is going on and where any danger should come from.
But those answers have been around for a while now, we just had to connect them
In 1970 Klaus founded the World Economic Forum (WEF for short).

As Executive Chairman of his WEF, he has been planning “Globalization” for over 50 years.

Western countries must surrender their identity and merge into one global world power. The WEF links politicians, policymakers and multinational companies to shape “Global Control”. National Politicians commit to the WEF plans.

Only then will you achieve one global power for the entire Western world.
Klaus Schwab believes this brings the control the world needs.

In 2020 many of Klaus Schwab's plans are a reality; The WEF has since grown into a historic power body, consisting of billionaires (from multinational banking, pharmacy, tech and media giants) who work on the WEF together with national governments and provide services to each other.

In an economic (and political!) Sense, the WEF billionaires and the WEF partners already completely control the Western world. There has never been such a concentration of unprecedented power in world history.

Klaus Schwab has planned (before 2019) Covid-19 as an instrument for “The Great Reset”.
His book "Covid-19: The Great Reset" is full of plans. The Covid-Pass must also be introduced. A blood scan will be used to intensively control annually compulsory vaccinations for every citizen of the world.

Valentino has read this book.

But Valentino has a knack for reading between the lines to get the right word out that the whole book is about and within 9 minutes he found the word.

Valentino says to you;

the Cabal, Illuminati work with codes and numerology and I have been doing that all my life. Look, I read a book because I find it interesting, but I also read books more often because codes are written in it.

With such idiots I already know in advance that there are 1 or 2 words in it that tell the whole story and since fast reading is useful, because you then read through the lines, it goes a lot faster

Determinism has 2 meanings.

I. Is a philosophical concept that states that every event or state of affairs is not just random, but has a reason

II. Assumes that the state of the present was caused by previous events according to the causal laws that regulate and rule the world.

But it is clear .II.

But I'd rather be for .I. and I think 7.7 billion people with me.

In some countries (including Australia) legal sanctions have already been drawn up (including higher health insurance premiums, exclusion from childcare, travel, education, etc.) etc.

The follow-up plan is ID20 / 21
This brings bio chips & DNA vaccination that must link us (via G5 in the block chain) with control of the brain and immunity.

That ties in with the plan:

“Trans Human Agenda”, in which people & technology merge.
Presidents, ministers, senior civil servants (including Rutte cabinet) attended the annual WEF
Symposium Davos, Switzerland, in January 2020.

The 2020 theme was “Globalization 4.0” with video presentations, lectures and training sessions. The WEF feeds the Brussels network where politicians lobby fiercely and all work on the WEF agenda. In the WEF elite cartel are the jobs that the politicians all crave. WEF multinationals make deals with national politicians and open doors for each other.

The WEF is the pivot in global power formation.
Politicians are working collectively (out of self-interest) on the WEF agenda. The people do not know at all what is going on and have lived in a 100% fake democracy for decades.

All WEF billionaires, such as the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergers (of which Klaus was also one of them), George Soros and Bill Gates are already extremely ingrained in all vital parts of our western world.

99% of Radio, TV, social media, medical faculties,

training institutions, educational publishers, etc ..

are owned and dependent on them.


Bill Gates (WEF agenda contributor) finances the WHO (WEF partner) for more than 90% through his Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (WEF partner)! WHO has deep ties to the vaccine industry; Bill Gates was already (because of his passion for vaccines) an investor in 7 vaccine companies.

The WHO operates outside of the control of the law and in her vaccination "living labs" (India & Africa) have already injured or killed many thousands of people. As in 2014, when the WHO vaccinated thousands of women against "Tetanus" in Kenya, 90% miscarried and became infertile. Local doctors filed a lawsuit against WHO.

It was found that the population was the target with Tetanus used as a cover-up.

In 2017, under Gates,

the WHO will receive Mr. Tedros (indicted for genocide in Ethiopia) as the new General Manager (he has been called Gates's "pull doll").

Bill Gates is also founder of GAVI; the Vaccine Alliance (WEF partner) (which received a donation of 350 million from our country) and project ID20 / 21, intended to provide global citizens with (nano) bio chips and annual vaccinations.

The Bill Gates project ID20 / 21 has been embraced by the WEF and has become part of the

“Trans Human Agenda”.

No coincidence: all ID20 / 21 founders (including Microsoft) are in turn WEF partners.
On March 20th. Minister Hugo de Jonge (former primary school teacher without any medical knowledge) appoints Feike Sybesma (WEF committee member) as "independent corona envoy to find a Covid-19 vaccine supplier. Feike advises AstraZeneca AG (WEF partner), of which his brother Hans is the CEO. Hugo orders immediately for hundreds of millions.

Cabinets in Western countries (together with WEF multinationals) collectively work on the WEF agenda and are guilty of serious voter deception. There is no doubt that there is no democracy. The political system is rapidly changing to a dictatorial system where the population has no more money to contribute.

It is of great importance that many people begin to realize what Klaus Schwab en Co (World Economic Forum) has ready as a plan. And how far politicians and media worldwide have been encapsulated, bribed and brainwashed to make the WEF goals possible.

Citizens should no longer focus on the Corona-Hoax or how dangerous it would be.

It is not a threat.

But when everyone is on that, that's the distraction these elite millionaires want.

Rutte and de Jonge are doing their best to keep the focus on Corona.

A fake Corona press conference every 2 weeks.

They do that in every country.
Insecurity and fear must be kept as much as possible in order to keep the People under control.

Fear is man's greatest enemy.

In the meantime, Citizens and Companies are being attacked from behind to be paralyzed.

Time for insight and massive Wake Up !!