After the (Agricultural Revolution), the Industrial Revolution is considered the greatest economic revolution in history. It is wrong to speak of a revolution, especially because industrialization had very far-reaching consequences. Industrial Evolution, however, is a more striking concept for two reasons. First, industrialization was a slow and gradual process. Second, the Industrial Revolution is not a one-off violent event, but a development that actually continues and has brought enormous changes to everyday life.

The term Industrial Revolution was first used by French writers. But it was mainly the English economic historian Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975) who popularized the concept. Toynbee used the term Industrial Revolution for the economic development of Great Britain in the 1760s to 1840s.

After Toynbee, the term has been applied much more broadly to the industrialization that also took place outside of England and continued after 1840, in fact to this day. 

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