350 million surveillance cameras can't find them/hundreds of young men missing in Wuhan

Since the media exposed the mysterious disappearance of more than thirty Wuhan university students in mainland China in 2017, the total number of missing young people has climbed to hundreds over the years. Those missing young people are either university students or young men of the same age and have complete names and background information. They disappear from the city at an interval of every three months. The local police and other government departments have shown a stunningly consistent and indifferent attitude towards this matter.

For example, a young man named Luo Hao , the only child at home, born in July 1994, 1.83 meters tall, is a student in Changsha, Hunan . On September 10, 2015, he went to Wuhan University to look for a friend. He disappeared in Wuhan Hongshan Square . Luo Hao's father told reporters that there were more than seventy cameras in the vicinity of the Square, a bustling intersection with roads in all directions. But the police would not allow the family to see the cameras because they were state secrets. And in the years Luo disappeared, the local police refused to open a case for this.

Another case in point is Cheng Hao , a native of Suizhou , Hubei province. He was then 21 years old, 1.75 meters tall, a junior at the College of Construction and Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology . He disappeared on November 28, 2014, near the Second Yangtze River Bridge. Cheng was also the only child at home. Cheng's father said, to find the child, the family had exhausted all financial resources. His eyesight has become deteriorated and blurred due to too much crying, and his body has become frail.

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