Real Demon Manifests In Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

She is back to her satanic work in the Illuminati controlled music industry.

We clearly see her being possessed by Lucifer and his demons in this video.

When watching Lady Gaga's music videos we must be careful.

Lady Gaga proves once again that she is in love with witchcraft and the devil.

She really hasn't strayed too far at all from the Illuminati while taking 3 years off from making music.

Even though Lady Gaga exposed the evils of the illuminati at one point,

she went back up to her old tricks, in fear of her life.

Once again the elite are blatantly trying to brainwash her fans with

subtle MK ultra mind control programming.

We must spread the word and inform the masses of the massive experiment taking place on their minds, all in preparation for the new world order!