The Only True God of all Religions in this World,

Predicted that a Chosen One will Descend to Earth

to Destroy all Evil in the World.

And that's the Greatest Fear of Rothschild KM and Associates

that this Prophecy will come True.

That this Chosen One is already among people worldwide.

.His name is Valentino.

That is why KM is already implementing their plan The Great Reset .. New World Order.

First there was an Agenda 21 planned for 2050

But because after the organized attacks of 2001 by the Rothschild MK and Associates

 too much has been released via the internet, they have accelerated it by 20 years

Agenda 21 has therefore been converted to Agenda 2030

The hand made virus they've got loose,

is the first step to begin the depopulation of people worldwide.

And if this virus doesn't do what it's supposed to do,

then there will be another virus in a few years,

which is 50 times worse

Bill Gates said on American TV in January 2021.

The reporter of this interview looked at him and asked how that knew and said to Kill Gates,

that he did not want to participate in this propaganda,

to which Kill Gates said,

that he still wanted to tell everything.

But this reporter pulled the plug on the live interview.

4 days later this reporter was found dead


it was of course hushed up by the Fake Media.