In the Dutch Criminal Code, Article 261 stipulates that a judge can decide that speaking the truth is a crime that can be punished with a fine or even a prison sentence.


1 .  Anyone who deliberately assaults someone's honor or good name, by charge of a particular fact, with the apparent purpose of publicizing it, shall, as guilty of defamation, be punished with imprisonment not exceeding six months or a fine of the third category. .

2 .  If this is done by means of writings or images, distributed, openly exhibited or apprehended, or by writings the content of which is openly played, the perpetrator, as guilty of defamation, will be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine. of the third category.

3. Neither defamation nor libel exists insofar as the perpetrator has acted in the necessary defense, or has been able to assume in good faith that the charge was true and that the public interest demanded the charge.

In the Netherlands, no truth may be spoken at the expense of liars, cheaters and criminals with a high position in society, unless a judge considers that the public interest requires this. The chance of this happening is zero.

The above summary explains, among other things, why there is so much white collar crime in the Netherlands and other Western countries. Not only do the white collars almost always keep hands above each other, but witnesses from the people driven by fear keep their mouths shut. 

The white collar criminals usually plan and organize their well-thought-out crimes well in advance. If you think that the Police, the Public Prosecution Service and the Judiciary are immune from white collar crime, then you are wrong.

These government agencies are primarily intended to protect the members of the elite and the big egos with important positions from persecution. Should the evidence be overwhelming and nevertheless accidentally reach the general public, the penalties assigned by the criminal court will be made as lenient as possible.

Silence and Cover up.

People belonging to the lowest class (working donkeys) are therefore taken aback if they report a white collar crime.

A great example is Demmink, who is deeply rooted in the pedophile network in the Netherlands.

Why was pit bull Omtzigt whistled back in the Demmink affair in 2012? What do you think? 

Demmink has never been convicted and Rutte is a good friend of Demmink. Fill it in yourself .. !! 

When Rutte was at the JOVD (Youth Organization Freedom and Democracy), they wanted to legalize sex with animals. How sick are you in your head then.

The 1% elites and their subjects worship worldwide Satanism and the Devil.

To be continued!! You can count on that !!



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