Fear and Lies are the Norm

History continuously shows that the 1% elite succeeds again and again in creating a global power structure, in which one or more elites profit from a population of people. This duped population of humans can be large or small and thus consist of many millions or a handful of individuals. In order to successfully control a population of people through coercion, the 1% elite invariably uses Fear and Lies for a strong hierarchical power structure. This hierarchical power structure is always organized according to the pyramid model, where the entire power pyramid consists of small pyramids.

Because usually in larger populations of people the 1% elite is too small to normally control the entire population, the 1% elite often places people with large egos from the people at the top of these small pyramids of power. These people with big egos, who are so eager to be a successful personality, do not belong to the covertly ruling 1% elite. Such a position of power gives these great egos privileges over the rest of the population. These big egos (do sell their souls to the Cabal, Illuminati) usually do everything to keep their positions and are therefore very flexible or rather: Corrupt. 

Above is not only written the basis of the power structure of Franco (Spain 1936-1975), Hitler (Germany 1934-1945), Mussolini (Italy 1926-1943), Pinochet (1973-1990), Stalin (USSR 1924-1953) & Zedong (China 1949-1976) to name just a few dictators, but also of the current Western society in which we now live. The big egos in the top positions of the little pyramids are paid a very hefty salary for their services, their privileges. Unfortunately, everyone is for sale on this Earth. It is the art for every person from the world population to wake up and the 1% elite, also called Cabal, Illuminati, to see the imposed system and the oppression. This applies to the big egos as well as the rest of the world population, who let themselves be led to the slaughter like little lambs. Next one!!

In this global society, Fear and Lies are the norm. The 1% elite has managed to bring about the lie-based culture in global society after many generations (1% elite: Rockefellers & Rothschilds), by destroying the mutual togetherness of groups of people and instead an individualistic, fascism and hierarchical global build society. Instead of people living in like-minded groups, in which there is togetherness and a common good, people live in a global society where individuals are divided among themselves. Because the people are divided among themselves, they can be dominated by the hierarchical system. Freedom, Democracy, Healthcare, Legal System and the Financial System are based on lies worldwide. These lies must hide the fact that people still live in a loan system society, where the 1% elite rules and benefits from the population. 

- V -