There are several matrix layers with a predisposition to originality. This means that there are codes present from an original world. These codes are carried by the original civilizations present there. The presence of these codes makes it possible to build and set up bases here. We call these bases original habitation in matrix layers. This concerns semi-permanent residence. Semi-permanent habitation means that there are always original civilizations present in a matrix layer. These original civilizations aim to guide the original consciousness on its journey through matrix layers. Care is taken to ensure that there is always pure, undamaged consciousness. This pure consciousness is kept in a compartment of one of the matrix layers.

All the original consciousness is there.

This consciousness can leave the matrix after the death of a person with an original consciousness on earth. However, there are conditions attached to this. This is a deliberate death, that is to say on the basis of one's own choice. When the choice has been made, the original consciousness is led out of the matrix.

In this consciousness the experiences from life are integrated.

Original consciousness is of a flowing nature. Fields that are in motion provide the flow of fields on Earth. This movement has long since disappeared. This causes stagnation of creative power. Creativity is an original ability and stands for inventiveness. Without flow there is solidity and rigidity.

Artificial force is fixed and rigid.

Cyborg civilizations can only create with the help of manipulated primordial consciousness. They get original awareness of the benevolent alliances to ensure a status quo in the matrix layers. This is necessary for the human being with original consciousness to find her creative power on earth.