As a team we only got together in 2021, but 1 of the team members had in his blog on Oct. 8. 2020 already wrote a manifesto of what he thought was going on and what still awaited us in the future. When we (the other team members) made it read, we literally and figuratively fell off our seats. We were dumbfounded by how dated it was written.

It was as if he had looked into a crystal ball.

Judge yourself

THE GREAT RESET is the 1% elite plan for the depopulation of the slave population. That's us . The so-called flu virus has been brought to carry out their plan now, as the slave population find themselves in recurring lockdowns and curfews and are deprived of all their freedoms and by the media that continues to spread fake news with fear and panic.

Welcome to the Matrix 

I wrote this blog on October 8, 2020 on fb, which I have now been removed from, because the truth should no longer be proclaimed.

Welcome to the New Normal 


You take an average flu virus, of which you know that 99% of the world population will not die from it, but a considerable number of people who already have old and / or underlying complaints. You call this virus sars cov 2 = corona virus. The results can be compared to a very severe flu that we had at the end of 2017 in early 2018. When 9900 people died in the Netherlands, mainly elderly people with underlying complaints, you did not hear anyone talk about it, that was just part of life. At that time 650,000 people died worldwide. But then I didn't hear anyone shout Pandemic. 

No. 2

You use the msm = mainstream media to frighten and panic slaves worldwide. Every day the MSM comes with horror stories about the number of infections and the people who have died worldwide from this terrible flu virus. The younger they die, the better. You keep repeating this day after day, so that people become discouraged and the fear and panic remain in them. You bribe the scientists and doctors with grants and bribes, to continue to emphasize the importance of getting tested and vaccinated in the long run.

No. 3

Start implementing lockdowns worldwide and at the same time they can start performing THE GREAT RESET behind the scenes. The wealth involved is transferred to the 1% elite = 1% elite is the satanite Cabal of which fam the Rothschild are the big bosses. Destroy the small businesses, make the big businesses even bigger. Raise government debt to unprecedented levels and push digital payments.

No. 4

Make sure there is massive testing, because the governments worldwide know that the totally unreliable PCR test will register many positive infections. Also in people who are not sick at all and have no symptoms, just to keep the fear and panic among the slave population.

No. 5

Keep the fear in it and make sure it is broadcast on every TV channel and especially keep using the word corona and thus train the slave population worldwide in obeying. By keeping your distance, washing your hands, not cuddling your grandmother or grandfather and, above all, by continuing to work at home. Make sure that the slave population will wear a mouth mask again, as in the distant past, but do not let them wear medical mouth masks, because this has the additional effect that people who receive no or too little oxygen, breathe in their own waste products again. and get sick even faster.

No. 6

Make parliament monitoring and observing the slave population THE NEW NORMAL. Make it normal worldwide for every step we take to be followed and analyzed under the guise of stopping the spread of this terrible flu virus.

No. 7

Introduce a digital health passport on your smartphone. This passport will act as a way to observe and control the slaves. Impose a restriction on those who do not meet desired government standards and therefore will not have a clean health passport. Such as refusing to be tested and / or vaccinated regularly.

When I tried to tell my fellow slaves that there would be a digital health port in 2021, they laughed at me and thought I was crazy.

Who's the fool in between now? Not me!! 

No. 8

Make sure 5G is rolled out en masse worldwide when the lockdowns are underway, as this is necessary to enable a 24/7 observational state worldwide. In addition, 5G is needed, because it is known that it generates genetic material in the body, so that the slaves will test positive for corona en masse. 5G is therefore the means by which slaves worldwide can be convinced that it is better to get vaccinated, because otherwise the number of infections cannot be controlled.

No. 9

Start with compulsory vaccination. These vaccines will completely destroy people's natural immune systems. In addition, more and more women will become infertile and this will help to reduce the slave population. The new vaccines that will eventually be deployed everywhere will rewrite the slaves' DNA and turn it into a new blueprint. The vaccines will contain a tiny liquid chip that will dissolve as soon as the vaccine is injected. Probably this will not be in the 1st vaccine yet, but in the vaccines after it, so that the slaves worldwide will follow obediently and can be kept under control.

No. 10

End any form of cash payment. Sell ​​it like cash is dirty, contagious and it promotes crime. This step makes every world slave completely dependent on the benevolence of the parliament, because with the push of a button they can turn everyone off financially. Thanks to the tiny liquid chip that has now rewritten your DNA.

No. 11

Switch from the digital health passport on your phone to the inserted R.F.I.D. chip =


This makes it a lot easier for governments worldwide to observe and control everyone 24/7. This R.F.I.D. chips will end the very last bit of privacy for slaves worldwide from what was left. And that is why the governments will offer them voluntarily in the first instance, just like the vaccines, and after that you have nothing more to want. Because you will listen slave.

No. 12

If the previous steps have been carried out, we will eventually end up in a high tech world, where a large part of the slave population has already been exterminated and disappeared from this world. We then ended up in a genetically engineered modified slave population, with weakened immune systems, chipped and permanently connected to the internet. At this stage, the slaves are nothing more than biological machines living in a high tech prison.


No. 13


Will be a fascism communist world and the manipulated corona virus is what it takes to make this happen and succeed.