We have ended up in a very dark world. And there were only 32 that did such utterance. The list is just too long to put here. We never expected that so much was hidden behind the internet. Tucked so far away that we have now arrived in dark web light. Every time someone else on the team finds something that was hidden so deeply. Never ending. What we do know is that more than 65% in the library can be thrown away when it comes to history. All lies that we have been told. Because if we still have to write everything, we will not be finished in 2 years. So we're going to write the main thing so U know what's going on in the world. What we think U should know about. There will come times when U will start to cry. So inhuman and dark. And believe me when we tell you that we've already gone before U. That we couldn't sleep for weeks. We could not comprehend what we had read or seen, that it literally and figuratively tore our souls apart.

- V -