Bill Gates is possibly the greatest slave depopulator there is. According to him, his father was the head of Planned Parenthood and influenced his views on slave population control from an early age.

In a lecture, he explains that one way to reduce CO2 levels (which, incidentally, is not a problem at all, since total man-made CO2 emissions are already very low) is to reduce the slave population.

The world today has 7.8 billion people. That goes to about nine billion. If we really do a good job on new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services, we could cut that by maybe 20 or 25 percent.

Bill Gates' vaccination programs have left countless slaves dead or paralyzed in Third World countries. Most notably, more than 47,500 cases of paralysis have been reported in India as a result of Gates' vaccination program, and at least 500,000 young Kenyan slaves have been rendered sterile after a government-administered tetanus vaccine and the international organizations in Bill Gates back pocket.

The Bill Gates Foundation also announced the development of a remote controlled contraceptive microchip (slave population control microchip), which can be implanted under the skin of young slaves and will last up to 16 years.

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