Members of our team have received a script from a political analyst,
who in 2012 had a vision of what was going on in the world.

His work focuses on Globalization and Sociology
(Out of respect we do not put his name on the website)

We must be clear about the origins of the war on terror.

The people need to understand that there is a war going on that
will be waged against the civilian population worldwide.

It's a form of Imperialism and Colonialism that I see emerging.
Its purpose is to cause division against the entire world population to submit to a NWO,
which is not in the interest of the people of this earth.

There is a small group of tyrannical elite who rule the world.

There is no war on terror.

There is a war that is being waged behind the scenes, funding terrorist groups deployed as countries continue to oppose US (CIA) and Israeli (MOSSAD) rule in the hands of the elite.
I am not an American myself, but people need to understand that it is not America that is behind the attacks, but the CIA that is in the hands of the elite.

You often see flag burnings. Death to the Americans.

I don't think you can hold an entire country accountable, where the ordinary citizen cannot help, but where the higher power makes the decisions. These citizens must send their children into a senseless war created by the greed of the elite.

These elite don't believe in God either, but worship the Devil.

They have terrorists trained around the world who carry out terrorist attacks worldwide and are funded by these intelligence services.

AL QAIDA & ISIS were created by the CIA & MOSSAD.

AL QAIDA & ISIS militants carry out terror attacks wherever they are told.
They behead live people to create absolute fear in the world.
They are wiping out entire tribes and peoples in the Middle East.
Genocide is committed on a large scale.

As a human being I am deeply ashamed that this can just happen.

The only ones who benefit from this are the elite and their political interests.
And with every terror attack, the Fake News Media is called in,
who know the story long in advance of what will happen,
to start selling even more propaganda nonsense to the people.

To tell them they better not
should go outside and the best thing to do is stay inside and follow the Fake News.

But you now also get independent news media that do try to tell the truth,
but are then put away as conspiracy theory channels or bought up and silenced.

Everyone gets fired or killed and they put down their own fake journalists.

The same thing is happening with migration, which is also created by the elite.

I even heard from a good colleague that money is being offered to people in countries to go to Europe as economic refugees.

And then the women and children are always portrayed by the Fake News, so that pity is displayed for those who watch the news.

But if you really look closely, there are men in the background with their neat clothes, nike shoes and with their i phone.

The dangerous thing about this is that terrorists come along to carry out attacks in Europe.

We have entered a time where nothing is what it seems anymore.

And the Fake News Media is working on this worldwide to keep twisting stories so that ordinary people don't realize what is actually going on behind the scenes in the world.

For too long, to many strangers, things have been happening in the world that I think the elite have been pursuing cruel plans to get the people under control.


As humanity we are facing dark times.

Let's hope it's just a feeling and I'm wrong.

Special thanks go to the Political Analyst for sharing his 2015 vision with us.

We also thank our team member Valentino V. for translating the script.