Hollywood movie from 2011 has the same scenario


WHO's COVID-19 pandemic 10 years later

More than ten years ago, the movie Contagion was released in America. It became a worldwide blockbuster, translated into Dutch as 'Contamination'. The pandemic scenario from the film shows many similarities with the COVID-19 pandemic.


If we didn't know better, we'd think the statements from the CDC—and similar organizations around the world—were written by screenwriters. Anxiety more contagious than a virus Contagion is a 2011 American thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The film is about the spread of a virus transmitted by respiratory droplets; efforts by medical researchers and public health officials to identify and contain the disease; the loss of social contacts in a pandemic and the introduction of a vaccine to stop the spread.

With the necessary drama and romance as is usual in Hollywood, an exciting story unfolds, which was good for a turnover of $ 136.5 million against a production budget of $ 60 million. The movie scenario and the pandemic scenario differ on the last point.

The vaccine in the movie was able to stop the spread of the virus - happy ending. But that is not the case with the COVID-19 vaccine. At best, it can reduce symptoms. But stopping spread and reducing mortality is unfortunately not guaranteed in the hastily made deal. For the rest, the similarities are striking. Fear sells – the ingredients that made this film a blockbuster are also in the sales story of risky vaccines.

Film scenario 2011 versus pandemic scenario 20/21

2011: Cause of the pandemic: birds, piglets, dogs on the market in China

20/21: Cause of the pandemic: bats, snakes on market in China

2011: Virus research in top-level secure labs.

20/21: Virus research in top-level secure labs.

2011: Comparison with the Spanish flu heightens fear.

20/21: Comparison with the Spanish flu heightens fear.

2011: The CDC is lying.

20/21: The CDC is lying, the RIVM is lying, the WHO is lying,

the politicians are lying, who don't lie?

2011: Citizens' uprisings: actions, demonstrations

20/21: Citizens' uprisings: actions, demonstrations

2011: The army/defence is deployed

20/21: The ME/Police is deployed

2011: Existing and active drugs are suppressed and rejected.

20/21: Existing and effective drugs are suppressed and rejected.

2011: Vaccine is the only salvation.

20/21: Vaccine is the only salvation.

2011: The virus is not isolated.

20/21: The virus is not isolated.

2011: African mutation of the virus.

20/21: To date: ( Fake ) African, British and American mutation of the virus.

2011: Empty airports

20/21: Empty airports

2011: “We have to be patient”

20/21: “We have to be patient”

2011: No gatherings

20/21: No gatherings

2011: Worldwide curfews

20/21: Worldwide curfews

2011: More suicides

20/21: More suicides

2011: Economic crisis

20/21: Economic crisis

2011: CDC Director: Everyone take the vaccine

20/21: Hugo de Jonge: everyone take the vaccine

2011: 10 years later, more cancer and autism

20/21: 10 years later, more cancer and autism?

2011: Long lists of side effects

20/21: Long lists of side effects

2011: Full test streets

20/21: Empty test streets

2011: False/ fake/ placebo vaccines in circulation

20/21: False/fake/placebo vaccines in circulation

2011: Hearings governments

20/21: Hearings of extra-parliamentary committee of inquiry

2011: Masks Mandatory

20/21: Masks mandatory

2011: Lockdown

20/21: Lockdown

Conclusion :

It was already predicted 10 years ago by the Cabal


that means that all actors are also illuminated