Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe wrote the book in 1997: The Forth Turning point

Based on thousands of years of history, we have recorded a pattern of the rise, heyday, waste and ultimately the fall of (high-quality) civilizations. Twenty years ago, the West had entered the period of waste almost unnoticed.

Current developments show that we still have a maximum of 4 years to prevent or minimize the total collapse of our society and even civilization.
One thing is certain: we are on the brink of an uncertain, terrifying period of chaos and violence.

                     History is doomed to repeat itself, is a well-known saying.
Strauss & Howe studied how ancient and more modern civilizations developed, ruled, and why they eventually disappeared.

There appeared to be a number of remarkable similarities, such as an approximately 80-year long cycle consisting of:

1 .


They follow a major crisis. In our case, it was World War II. Society started the reconstruction as one man. They had a common goal: to create a better future for their (grand) children and themselves.
Confidence in authority was great, morality high. It led to an enormous growth in the prosperity and well-being of the common man.

2 .


This phase began in the 1960s, when ever-growing groups of people began to question the prevailing norms and values,  and the decisions of the established order.
We had the "psychedelic" revolution and protests against wars as bloody as senseless as in Vietnam. Civil rights movements gained more and more influence.



The Reagan administration's economic, financial, and foreign policies helped the West emerge from the great crisis of the late 1970's - early 1980's and entered a period of unprecedented growth in the 1990's.
In contrast to its heyday, that growth now mainly benefited "big money," Wall Street, the banks, the multinationals, the powerful 1% elite, and hardly the citizens.

At the same time, there was a strong shift in society from the importance of the collective to the individual, which in our time resulted in self-centered younger "selfie" generations, whose lives revolve around their own experiences, experiences, contacts and also opinions.

The loss of a common goal, caused in large part by the abolition of national borders as well as social, cultural and personal boundaries, resulted in fragmentation in society as well as in politics, and a comprehensive loss of sense of identity.

4 .


The final phase in the West began in 2008 with the outbreak of the financial crisis. The common man became less and less trusting in politicians, partly because of the countless broken promises, treaties and agreements.

The powerful saved their friends at the banks and especially themselves and their own political ideals with unimaginable amounts of tax money, and saddled the people with the bill.

Numerous decisions were made against the will of the majority, such as further integration of the EU member states, the initiation of a - according to all previous treaties illegal - permanent money flow from North to South, and the massive immigration of millions of Muslims.

Fourth Turning Point is in full swing

In the US and Europe, the "Fourth Turning Point" is now in full swing. Society is becoming increasingly unstable and violent. People polarize into 'right' and 'left', where 'right' wants to go back to the more stable, prosperous period in which they still had something to say about the future of their own countries, and 'left' wants to break down all existing structures, and mass immigration is the most important weapon in this respect.

The 'politically correct' leftist terror of and by the government and media meanwhile ensures that an ever larger group of people, who are concerned about the developments and decisions that are being made over their heads, are being cornered and ignored and / or slandered as 'extreme right-wing racists'.

The left hopes to get its way through violence

Following the shocking establishment-shocking election victory of Donald Trump, who defeated the candidate of the 'Deep State' shadow government, Hillary Clinton, the US may seem to be heading for well-organized mass protests by far-left globalist George Soros as early as this summer. 'left', who hope by creating as much chaos and violence as possible to get politicians to overthrow Donald Trump.

Patriotic "right" America is generally still very calm, but analysts have no doubt that a significant part of Trump's supporters is willing to defend their interests and their president - even with force if necessary.
In Europe, especially in Germany, we have already had numerous protests, sometimes very violent, by the extreme left-wing pro-Islamic "Antifa" movement, which, according to various sources, is being driven in the background by the left-wing parties and the Social Democrats.

Elsewhere in Europe, there are similar clashes, which, however, are kept as silent as possible by the media, in order to give people the falsehood that everything remains the same for as long as possible.

Opposition to Deep State in US and Europe

The hearing of the fired FBI Director James Comey underlined that the Trump administration is doing its utmost to break the old political order and with them the over-empowered "Deep State".

In Europe, we have our own "Deep State" in the form of a political clique in Brussels, The Hague and other capitals, working towards the complete abolition of the sovereignty of the member states in favor of a federal  European Superstate.

Freedom parties such as the National Front, the PVV, Lega Nord, AfD and Sweden Democrats are trying to break with this, but are all hit by a cordon sanitaire from the ruling parties.

Increasingly tougher measures by the 1% elite to maintain power and control

In order to maintain control and power, the established order is turning to increasingly fierce means, such as restricting the freedom of speech on the internet, manipulating public opinion with 'fake news', and downplaying / omitting the cause of the crime and terror wave that engulfs Europe.

This phase is also described in "The Fourth Turning". It may not have been done with the same technological means, but otherwise it is exactly what the 1% elite of earlier empires did when they began to lose their grip on their subjects.

This circle of ever tougher measures will, if the current development is not reversed very quickly, listen to the concerns of the people and bring their interests back to the fore, inevitably lead to an explosion of violence and terror, which was previously the case. then will come later, because current mass immigration and climate policies will make social systems totally untenable financially within a few years

Final crisis by 2025 at the latest

In the almost prophetic book from 1997, it was stated that the final crisis of the Fourth Turning Point would begin in about 2005 (it became 2008), and will reach its peak by 2025 at the latest, and that this catastrophic moment will very likely deal with a new major war or series of wars, perhaps even a world war.

That means we have only 4 years to fix what "our" political leaders are tearing down at breakneck speed.

Even more fuel on the fire as the solution - that blindness, too, is characteristic of the "leaders" during the "Fourth Turning Point," and one of the major reasons we have come to this crucial point in our history.

Unfortunately, we Dutch completely missed an enormous opportunity for this in March 2021.

The choice we have made by voting may well have been fatal for us, especially now that a cabinet with VVD and D'66 is yet to come, parties that have shaken precisely those factors that have shaken our once stable society and future. 

We say thanks to

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe

for their explanation of their book

The Fourth Turning Point.