The main reason for these families to be part of the powerful Illuminati 1% elite is to have a strong and influential hand in all the political and economical affairs of the world. The main agenda of Illuminati is to establish the New World Order controlled by a few wealthy dynasties.

These top 13 families stand eligible in terms of their financial, political, and historical background as they are associated with and belong to various secret societies and cult groups like the Council of Thirteen, Freemasons, The Skull and Bones, The Rosicrucians, The Elders of Zion, and Bilderberg. They have amassed a great deal of wealth as they worship Satan and help in the formation and maintenance of the cult groups practicing occult.

The Illuminati and its veiled members are truly a part of most debatable topics. Symbols are so prominent in this secret society that, to understand their true intentions, a deeper look into the Symbols of Illuminati is worth a try.

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