This family is in the limelight due to its close connection with the Kennedy and Onassis families.

One of the stories associated with Ted Bundy of the Bundy bloodline is: He was a law student, and fared poorly in law school due to the immense stress he underwent as he spent a lot of time and effort in plotting and murdering beautiful women.

It is said that most serial killers are connected to Satanism. The media and the police have played a major role in suppressing their associations to Freemasonry and Satanism. It is still a mystery as to how Ted, a big Rockefeller fan, was appointed Assistant Chairman of the Washington State Republican Central Committee.

One particular individual from this bloodline known as McGeorge Bundy seems to be in the eye of the storm. He was the U.S. Army Intelligence Officer during World War II, and later served the government as United States National Security Advisor to presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson.

He was responsible in escalating the role of the U.S. in the Vietnam War during the tenure of President Kennedy and President Johnson. He came from a political family; his brother, William Bundy, was an Attorney and U.S. Intelligence expert with the C.I.A. His other family members were involved in Republican politics.

It is said that he withheld certain important and key information from the presidents, and manipulated them into believing whatever he said. As he was the key advisor, he could easily choose to give only specific set of information to the presidents.

With his family having much political clout, he rose to a powerful position in politics, in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

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